Linkam RH95 冷热台适度控制器

    除了THMSG600外,还可以和MFS, LTS420和HFS600型号冷热台兼容


    Can be used as stand-alone humidity generator and controller or with LINK software to log data from the sensor.

    Relative humidity entered via touch screen display

    Maximum controllable volume 2000cc

    Long cycle times - can be left running for months

    Sensor validation chamber supplied with salt ampoule testing kit

    Sensor regeneration module available

    Inert Gas Regulator (max input 5 Bar) module available for nitrogen carrier gas


    Sensor Type: Combined temperature and humidity digital capacitance sensor

    Recommended range 5% to 90% RH

    Stability at control value +/- 0.5%

    Ramp speed ~7% RH/min

    Sensor Response ~8sec