Poliview 证物记录分析系统


    Full optical range (UV-Vis and IR)

    The Poliview® system covers the range from UV (Ultra Violet) through Visible and into the IR (infra-red).

    Sample illumination using interference filters are fully tunable over the range 310-650 and additional IR filters extend the range from 650 to 810 (810-1100nm output). Camera barrier interference filters for image capture cover the range 350-1100nm and are also fully tunable. A series of 5 cut-on barrier filters are also supplied for the range 610-1100nm.

    Color and Monochrome

    The Poliview® system includes the color (RGB) liquid crystal filter slider that is designed to slide in and out of the optical path. This allows the user to select monochrome (Black and White) or full color images. Fluorescent images should always be captured in monochrome.

    Optical filter tuning

    Poliview® uses high-quality band-pass interference filters that have the ability to be tuned. It is very important to be able to fine-tune both the illumination and barrier filter sets.